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Our Roofing Designer lets you envision your roof before you spend a dollar!

When the time comes to replace your roof, why not use the opportunity to redesign your home’s exterior?

At Harley & Sons, we are of the mind that you should love the way your home looks inside and out. Many people pay more attention to the interior, focusing on renovations or modernisations that redefine the liveable space. However, you shouldn’t ignore the exterior parts of your home. You want to feel pride in your home when you pull up the driveway and into the carport every day.

If you are planning on selling your home anytime soon, exterior style and aesthetic are going to be even more important. How your house looks (known as ‘kerb appeal’) will affect the potential buyers you attract and will even influence your home’s resale value.

Finding the Perfect Redesign

Many homeowners don’t realise just how much they can do to refresh the exterior aesthetics of their home. At Harley & Sons, we are dedicated to helping homeowners see that the possibilities for the exterior are nearly endless. We can help you specifically with your home’s roofing, gutters, fascia (the strip right at the top of your house, before the roof line, that covers the rafters) and window frames. Otherwise if you want a full brand-new roof we can organise a brand-new tiled roof! Depending on how extensive you want to get with your home’s redesign, you can also look into repainting, replacing the siding, getting a new garage door and more.

Working with Colorbond materials, we can provide a truly vast array of different colour options for your roof, fascia, gutters and windows. With the right colour scheme, your home can come alive in a brand-new way. Of course, picking out the right colour scheme can be a challenge. If you want the roof to be one colour, the gutters to be another and the windows and fascia to be a third, it can be challenging to envision what those colour combinations will actually look like on the house.

At Harley and Sons Roofing, we are sympathetic to this challenge. Especially with so many Colorbond shades to choose from, our customers have sometimes feel daunted by this stage in the process. To make things a bit easier, we built a Roofing Designer tool on our website. The tool includes a drawing of a standard-sized house with reasonably standard features and layout. Below the house, you will find selection tools for ‘Roof,’ ‘Gutters,’ ‘Fascia’ and ‘Windows.’ Each option gives you a Colorbond chart with a wide variety of different colours. You can adjust each selector independently, and it will apply the colour you choose to the diagram of the depicted house.

The Roofing Designer is extremely useful for two reasons. First, it lets you see what specific Colorbond colours look like in practice. If you’re not sure whether you’ll like a white roof, this tool is your chance to learn. Second, it lets you see how different colours look together. By playing around with each setting, you can find the perfect colour scheme and balance it across the different parts of your house.

Are you interested in trying Harley & Sons’ Roofing Designer tool? You will find it on our roofing page. When you see a design, you love, just scroll down a bit further and fill out the price quote request form!

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