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Leaf Guard Installers Melbourne

Cleaning your gutters is the last thing on most people’s minds. We understand that.

IT’S ONE OF THOSE JOBS YOU ONLY THINK ABOUT WHEN HEAVY RAIN STARTS OVERFLOWING AROUND YOU. Leaf guard installation and gutter protection is the answer.

If you install a Leaf Guard (Also known as gutter mesh, gutter guard or gutter protection) you’ll never have to worry about getting them cleaned or risk your gutters and downpipes blocking up. Of course, Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable, but you can eliminate the worry and risk of flooding your cherished home with leaf guard gutter protection.

Faulty gutters can cause serious overflow and damage to your home which can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

When you commit to having Leaf Guard installed, Harley & Sons gets your job done on time and on budget with no fuss or mess. As an industry leader in Melbourne for over 45+ years and a second-generation family roofing business, we know that trust and confidence are everything.

Not only do leaf guards protect your gutters, but they also look great with brand new colorbond gutters and fascia.

Leaf Guard (also known as a Gutter guard or gutter mesh) Is designed to solve the problem of debris in our gutters by preventing it from entering the gutter in the first place.
Warranty - Harley & Sons Warranty - Harley & Sons

Warranty on materials depend on which Leaf Guard product is chosen.

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Choose Your Leaf Guard System Wisely

Over-the-gutter systems prevent leaves and debris from entering gutters offering a long-term solution and minimising the risk of gutters building up leaves or blocking with debris.

Ski-Slope Design and Over-The-Gutter protection system ensures that leaves and debris are blown off the roof through wind action whilst water is drawn through the leaf guard into the gutter.

Over-gutter leaf guard systems are made from steel and manufactured to suit a range of environmental conditions in Melbourne.  Furthermore, they offer the best gutter protection from highly determined and territorial pests like Myna Birds and Possums.

Gutter Mesh - Harley & Sons

Why install Gutter Mesh?

In some areas of Melbourne where fire is a threat you can’t look past Leaf Guard.  Also, it is now regulation that schools and other similar style buildings have Leaf Guard installed as a preventative measure.

Lastly, it’s important to protect your greatest assets, serious damage can occur if your gutter is full of dry leaves and twigs.

Harley & Sons Roofing are the tradies you can trust to install Leaf Guard for your home
  • We’ve built our reputation on taking the care needed install leaf guard properly the first time, that means not taking shortcuts
  • Over 45 years’ experience and thousands of new roofs across Melbourne, Harley & Sons take the hassle away!
  • We’re expert, fully qualified roof plumbers- With over 40 years’ experience in all types of roofing we know the best options for your home, that’s why no-one can match our expert, honest advice and experience
  • We don’t do patch jobs and quick fixes so you will get a full leaf guard and gutter protection system.
  • We know how important it is to protect your greatest assets, your family and your home.
  • We pride ourselves on communication and service – we give you exactly what you want, and a little bit more!
  • We fix the underlying problems and future proof your roof.
  • We leave your property in immaculate condition
  • We guarantee a perfect job

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