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Things That Impact the Cost of a Roof Restoration

The obvious answer is that it depends pretty much on the severity of the repairs needed in order for the cost of a roof restoration to be successfully carried out.

But we’ll break it down and get into more detail about the cost of a roof restoration.

Size Of The Roof

Most roofing companies typically charge per square metre of the roof – pretty standard stuff. But the pricing range differs depending on the overall size of the roof.

For example, smaller roofs will have a larger per square metre cost vs. a larger roof.

Pitch Or Steepness Of The Roof

From a roofers point of view, the pitch or steepness of a roof often refers to the difficulty of getting the job done.

The easiest roof to work on would be a roof which is close to a flat-pitch roof as possible – for the simple reason of being able to walk on it and for it to not require additional safety equipment.

Therefore, the more difficult it is for roof plumbers to carry out the roof restoration on, most likely the cost of a roof restoration will be higher.

The Repairs Needed On The Roof

It’s rare for someone to have a roof restoration done without carrying out some repairs.

It’s the extent of the repairs and the amount of repairs which would affect the overall cost of a roof restoration.

Afterall, a roof restoration is all about restoring the roof back to how it was brand new therefore you’d need to fix all the repairs first before polishing it all up.

Roof Accessibility

This one is similar to the pitch or steepness whereby if the roof is in a tough spot and hard to access, you should expect a higher quote and cost.

Or put it another way, if the property was a single-attached residential home, you could expect a cheaper quote than an old Victorian terraced house which would require additional safety equipment and even permission from the neighbours to get on top of their roof in order to access the primary roof.

How You Pay For A Roof Restoration

Cash or a one-time payment is always king but not everyone can afford the cost up front.

Even though a roof restoration isn’t too ‘time-affected’, unlike the latest iPhone for example, so putting a roof resto on finance or even on your credit card isn’t such a bad idea.

Of course, you’ll be shelling out a bit every month depending on your mode of payment but at least you can spread the payments over months or even years.

Lastly… How Much You Personally Value A Roof Restoration

Most people think of a roof restoration as a fancy repair job where it basically repairs the roof and making look nice again. But what some people seem to forget is that the roof isn’t something you re-do every so often, in fact it could very much be a once in a lifetime cost for most.

A roof restoration is a great time to consider upgrading your roof. When we mean upgrading – if you’ve had an extension done recently then you can have the roof extend to match the rest of your property.

Or quite simply, upgrading your existing roof to better quality materials – this could be in the form of Boral tiles (they do come with a 50-year warranty afterall) or having your roof restored but upgraded structurally whilst undergoing a roof restoration.

Whichever way you look at it, the cost of a roof restoration has it’s industry standards but can go higher depending if you want to throw in some upgrades to your roof too.

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