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Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Tiled Roof With Colorbond

Not that we’ve got anything against tiled roofs.

A lot of our business still comes from restoration or repairs of tiled roofs and they certainly do have their advantages over other roof types.

However, Melbourne has seen a rise in Colorbond roofing with many homeowners replacing roofing tiles with Colorbond. There’s a couple of reasons why this is the case and we’ll go into detail below.

There isn’t a one size fits all answer. More often or not, it’s your roof which dictates the type of roofing it can have, not your budget or your desire to.

Some roofs just aren’t fit for Colorbond roofing (or any metal roofing for that matter) therefore you’re pretty much left with roof tiles.

But for roofs which can take on Colorbond roofing, it’s the actual manufacturing of Colorbond which has led to many homeowners in Melbourne opting to replace roof tiles with Colorbond.

Colorbond has been around for some 50+ years now and due to advanced, high tech manufacturing processes, they are considered today to be a premium roofing material which can last for years to come.

Colorbond roofing is backed up by a generous warranty. For Colorbond, you can have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be covered for 36 years from the date of installation. The paint system for Colorbond is also covered for a period of up to 20 years and promises no flaking or peeling due to natural weathering.

Remember, Colorbond isn’t painted on using traditional methods. The paint colour is embedded in the factory using high-tech methods of keeping the paint on the metal for years to come.

Now, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of Colorbond’s characteristics.

Colorbond sure as weighs a lot less than tiled roofs. This is a huge factor for some properties as some roofing structures can only take on a certain amount of weight for whatever reason – resulting in Colorbond being a prime roofing material when it comes to weight, or the lack of it.

Colorbond can be an astounding, 90% lighter than a tiled roof. Yes, when you add up the weight of all of the tiles and the cement used to tie them down to the roof, you’re looking at a very heavy roof.

Colorbond on the other hand doesn’t require cement to tie it down and one sheet of Colorbond could equal a large number of tiles, in terms of weight.

We touched on lifespan earlier and there’s good reason to – Colorbond is said to have a life expectancy of 50-70 years and when it comes to maintenance, it’s a breeze vs. tiled roofs.

Low maintenance is another characteristic you’d associate with Colorbond roofing and the reason is that you won’t need to paint or even clean the roof as much as you would with tiled roofs. This alone is a big reason why people replace roof tiles with Colorbond because they know too well how much and what’s involved with doing the maintenance yourself or getting people in to do it for them.

Water collection is second to none when you think of Colorbond. Water simply slides off the surface and has no places to collect over time.

It also can be said that water coming off Colorbond roofing is cleaner than tiled roofs with the latter tending to have the likes of moss and mould building up which can contaminate water.

Colorbond is also definitely more designer friendly. If you’re a property designer or simply doing up a property yourself, you’ll find Colorbond is a lot more flexible than tiles. It can be used in many different property types. Low or high pitched roofs can have Colorbond installed on them whereas this wouldn’t be the case with tiled roofs.

What about cost we hear you ask? With all these benefits, surely there’s going to be a higher price tag.

Well, and no point trying to sugar coat it, yes Colorbond does cost more UPFRONT than a traditional tiled roof would. Get a quote from any reputable roofer or roofing company and you’ll notice a difference from any quotation.

But have you read all of the above?

Over a 50-70 year period, you may end up shelling out more $$$ installing and maintaining a tiled roof vs. a Colorbond roof. The initial higher cost now will have your wallet thanking you later.

OK, but what if you wanted to head over to your local Bunnings and do it all yourself, worth it?

Y-E-S. Installation is a breeze for experienced roofers and is still simple for the not-so-roof-minded out there. It’s just always important to install any roof in accordance with the correct building code and all the rest of the legal stuff.

If you’re thinking of replacing your tiled roof with Colorbond then you’ve landed on the right website. We’ve been in the roofing game for 50+ years and have installed Colorbond roofs and gutters on many Melbourne homes.

Start off with a simply phone call or email and book in an obligation free inspection.

Checkout our Colorbond roofing page, our testimonials and our service area page for more info (In case your suburb isn’t listed, don’t worry, we serve all of Melbourne.)

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