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Colorbond Roofing For Your Property

colorbond roofing merlbourne

Lightweight, durable and versatile, Colorbond roofing is an optimal choice for roofing on both residential and commercial properties. It’s a sturdy, solid-coated steel roofing material that provides enhanced shelter and protection from the wild Melbourne weather.

Available in a range of colours so that you can complement your Colorbond roofing with your home or commercial building, Colorbond is a popular choice for many Australian homes, and Harley & Sons Roofing installs this every day in Melbourne. To complement the Colorbond roofing, a variety of colours of Colorbond guttering are available with gutters, downpipes and fascia, adding aesthetic appeal to match the roof.

When you have guttering that is made from Colorbond steel, you can be confident in the rainwater collection, and these have been tested to withstand the various weather conditions within Australia, from extreme downpours of rain to scorching sun. For over forty-five years, Colorbond has been tried and tested in Australian weather elements and has come out as a clear winning choice for Colorbond roofing, gutters and fascia.

Harley & Sons can provide a choice of colours to suit your requirements and taste, work with you to your specifications, actively listen and engage with you and deliver premium-quality workmanship coupled with exceptional customer service. We believe in Colorbond Roofing as a smart choice and can professionally assist you with all your queries regarding the decision.

The Benefits Of Colorbond Roofing

What are the benefits of Colorbond roofing for your residential or commercial property? There is a myriad of advantages that make Colorbond steel a premium choice for roofing, guttering and fascia. Although it is lightweight, Colorbond roofing is a highly strong material that can endure the Australian weather elements such as fierce storms, strong winds and intense sun.

When you choose Colorbond roofing in Melbourne, and given that our state is known for four seasons in one day, you can be confident that your Colorbond roofing will withstand most of what nature throws at it. Resistant to corrosion, peeling, cracking and chipping, unlike tiles, Colorbond roofing is not easily subject to corrosion. Being lightweight means that Colorbond steel does not place such weight strain on the building frame as tiles do.

Another benefit to Colorbond roofing is that it is durable and sturdy with the colour bonded to the steel, so no painting is required. As it is baked, it is tough and reliable and with little maintenance required. Colorbond roofing is waterproof as a truly effective shelter, and as opposed to tiling, water does not pool up in areas on the roof; the ridges of the roof allow water to dispel easily, which reduces the probability of leaks.

Suppose you think about insulating your property so it’s cooler in these summer months and warmer when the cooler months come along. In that case, Colorbond roofing is a thermally efficient material that reflects a lot of the sun and cools down quicker than tiles. Lighter colours make it even better for reflecting the UV rays and keeping your home or commercial building at a better temperature. Easier and more efficient to install than tiling, Harley & Sons Roofing can achieve superior-quality installation of Colorbond roofing that is cost-effective and makes it a worthwhile investment for the long term.

Furthermore, Colorbond roofing is aesthetically appealing, especially in the variety of colours that you can select from and matching guttering and fascias means you can truly complement your roofing design.

Maintaining Your Colorbond Roof

With all the benefits of Colorbond roofing and its low maintenance requirement, maintaining your Colorbond is an important aspect of having Colorbond roofing on your property. Regularly washing your roof with water will increase its lifespan and durability as well as maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Roofing is a valuable investment into your home or commercial property as it not only provides shelter but also is clearly a visible attribute from the street and maintaining its aesthetics is important. It is also good for the value of the property as Colorbond roofing is a choice investment into effective and beautiful roofing. If you live beside the coast with saltwater spray or industrial effluence, it is wise to hose down your Colorbond roof more frequently even if rainwater does wash your roof to some degree.

If dirt or debris has attached itself to your roof and rainwater or hosing down has not removed this then it is optimum to wash down the surface with a mild solution of non-abrasive detergent and use a sponge or soft cloth. It might sound like a heavy-duty, tiresome task but it is well worth your time and effort into maintaining your Colorbond roofing. For advice or to peruse our range of Colorbond options, Harley & Sons Roofing is the choice Melbourne company to contact.


Are there specific installation requirements for Colorbond roofing?

Yes, proper installation by experienced professionals is crucial for optimal performance of a Colorbond roof. It requires careful attention to detail in terms of fastening methods, flashing techniques, insulation placement, etc.

Can I choose different colours for my Colorbond roof?

Absolutely! One of the key selling points of Colorbond Roofing is its extensive range of contemporary colours to suit every architectural style and personal preference. You can select the perfect colour that complements your property beautifully.

What are the benefits of Colorbond roofing?

Colorbond roofing offers numerous advantages, including excellent durability, resistance to extreme weather conditions, low maintenance requirements, and a wide range of colour options to complement any property.

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