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5 Signs Of A Trusted Melbourne Roofing Contractor

The modern age we live in makes it easier for the average consumer to do some basic research into a company and decide on the best Melbourne roofing contractor for them.

Some are easy to tell but some you might find out when it’s too late.

Only go for licensed and qualified Melbourne roofing contractors

This is one of the criteria where some roofing contractors can lie through their teeth and say they are where in reality they aren’t and could leave you in a fair bit of trouble should something go wrong down the line.

Always ask this up front, even during the free roof inspection and confirm this before the start of any work. Most of the bigger roofing companies will have this covered, but you can never be too sure.

Every Melbourne roofing contractor needs to have insurance and provide warranties

Such a basic one here but you’d be surprised how many clients we’ve had tell us that the previous roofers/roofing companies who had worked on their roof turned out to have limited insurance and/or provide very limited or short warranties.

With something such as roofing (replacements or restorations) we believe it’s a cost you won’t splash on many times in a lifetime so why bother going with the firm who provides you the cheapest quote but can’t back their work up with a decent enough warranty?

The best Melbourne roofing contractors always have references

We certainly do, and so should others. The best references will always be previous jobs.

Yes, testimonials on a website looks great but much better if roofing companies can actually, physically, show former jobs and even get the homeowners to say a few words.

They’re honest…

A lot can happen from initial inspection to job completion.

Quotations may change, materials may change and even the service scope may change. So, it’s better to do your homework on what’s need on your roof before solely taking on another persons word.

It doesn’t hurt to get a few quotations and most of the quotations should be consistent in terms of work to be carried out, timeframe and even the cost itself. Anything too low or too high may need some further explanations.

The materials a roofing company will use and even the amount of materials (presuming it’s an all-in-one quote) could tell whether you’re being over charged. Every Melbourne roofing company has its suppliers, each with their own individual deals so markups for every roofing business differs.

Sub-contractors or no sub-contractors – get that explained from the offset too.

Even the best have bad reviews, no Melbourne roofing company is 110% perfect

Read the bad reviews and see what they did wrong.

The red flag bad reviews are obvious but make sure to look for consistencies in the bad reviews.

Do they always get flagged for poor quality work? Do the clients complain about the same thing? Have they developed a reputation for something?

Look into every bad review and see why it’s being left. More times than not, it could be down to a little miscommunication.

But if they’re being flagged, consistently, for safety issues and other red flag issues then it’s safe to say you can avoid them.

It’s also worth noting that many of the bad reviews get dealt with offline and in the case of it being overturned with both parties being satisfied, you may not see the outcome online. So, best to ask the roofing contractor about the review(s) and see what they have to say about it.

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