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Why Colorbond roofing is Australia’s premier steel?

If metal roofing is your choice for the roof or if you’re looking to make the switch from tiles to Colorbond roofing, we can tell you that it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

From around 2019, we’ve noticed more demand for Colorbond roofs, more so with people going from a traditional tiled roof to metal roofs.

We totally understand why and we’ll list out some reasons as to why Colorbond roofing is Australia’s premier steel.

Proudly Manufactured In Australia

Yep, we’re going to start with the most patriotic reason – as of around the 1960’s, Colorbond steel was made in Australia but its roots are from the United States.

However, we did a great job creating Colorbond steel to match Aussie conditions and since then Colorbond has gone from strength to strength to be used in 9 out of 10 newly-built homes every year.


No, we don’t mean it by chugging down beers, but Colorbond is lightweight which makes installation faster, easier and cost-effective.

With traditional tiles, you’d need cement to stick it down and this cement corrodes over time, especially if it rains a lot.

Because of its light nature, it also won’t increase it’s weight in wetter conditions and also doesn’t require frames, foundations etc. 

Water Collection/Run-Off

It’s a no-brainer that water run-off on metallic materials fairs better than tiles. It definitely serves the purpose of collecting rainfall and letting it fall onto the gutters with ease.

Because of the quality properties in the actual steel, it withstands corrosion well and lets water run off more efficiently than tiles.

Energy Efficient

It’s true that lighter-coloured roofs absorb less heat than darker-coloured roofs and Colorbond takes advantage of this via their Thermatech technology.

This allows you to keep your home better insulated and reduce heat radiation from the roof resulting in better energy efficiency.

Little To No Maintenance

The paint on the Colorbond roofing panels are bonded to the metal therefore you won’t need any re-painting or re-working of the paint.

Colorbond is also baked finished meaning it resists chipping, peeling and cracking.

All in all, Colorbond is non-combustible, termite resistant, secure and pretty much less prone to wear and tear. The initial investment you make will thank you in the long-run.

Plenty Of Designs & Styles

Colorbond is flexible for builders, designers and regular homeowners to get creative and pick out something out of the ordinary.

The Colorbond range of colours is diverse and as mentioned above, you won’t need to worry about re-painting it again.

…we install Colorbond Roofing

We’ve definitely seen our fair share of Colorbond roof replacements, both Colorbond replacements and tiled to metal replacements.

Which is why we believe that the combination of our top quality workmanship and Australia’s premier steel, you’re property will be in safe hands for years to come.

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