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How Much Is A Roof Repair Going To Cost You?

Roof repairs could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You might think it’s only a few cracked tiles that need replacing, but post-roof inspection; you may end up requiring a full roof replacement!

Here are some pointers to see how much your roof repair bill should cost, but also some important info about roofing work that may be required judging from the initial findings…

Does my roof type affect the cost of a roof repair bill?

Yes, it does! Both in terms of labour and material costs. The most expensive roof types are Tile/Metal roofs, with the cheapest being Asphalt/Slate roofs. You can expect a higher roof repair bill with Tile/Metal roofs, especially for Metal roofs, as in some cases, you would need to replace and re-install a whole sheet as opposed to a Tiled roof; you can replace the cracked tile(s) in question with minimal cost for cement.

As well as the roof type material, the roof repair bill is dependent on the pitch of the roof. Roofs can be, generally, flat, sloped, high pitch or low pitch. Adding to that, different roof types can be given the following names: Gable roof, Hip roof, Dutch roof, Mansard roof, Flat roof, Shed roof, Butterfly roof, Gambrel roof, Dormer roof, M-shaped roof (and more!).

Popular pitch types include 3/12, 5/12, 8/12, 12/12 and 18/12, with the latter pitches proving to be the most difficult to repair as accessibility will definitely be an issue.

So, factor in all of the above before getting a roof inspection and see if the roof plumbers are consistent with their roof repair findings and quotation.

Do I need a roof repair permit?

Touching on the point above, the level of difficulty usually dictates how expensive a roofing repair job will cost, but also, it will dictate whether or not certain permits are required to carry out the job.

This, of course, depends on where you live, but here in Melbourne, the best thing to do is to always go with a fully licensed and insured roof plumber and not be tempted by a much lower price (as the saying goes, you get what you pay for).

Proper roofing companies will already have this covered and will do all of the legwork for you in terms of securing the right permits in order to carry out the roof repair job(s).

What if there’s water damage involved in the roof repair?

The more to fix, the more expensive it’s going to cost you. From a consumer point of view you may think all you need to fix are some loose tiles and cement but what some don’t think about is the damage which it’s already caused.

A small crack can cause big damage for a home, especially during the rainy season. This is a junction on deciding whether the job is just a repair job or whether the damage caused is so vast that you’ll be needing a roof restoration or even a full-on roof replacement.

Water is obviously the main element that a roof tends to keep out of the home, and once it has infiltrated the roof, the repair bill could inflate the final cost.

I have a chimney and/or skylights on my roof. Will I be charged more for a roof repair?

It depends. It depends on the extent of the damage and repair, and it depends on whether any rooftop elements have been affected, which may require replacing or removing.

However, you also have to factor in a roof repair job where the roof plumber needs to carry out the job by navigating his way around certain elements – leading to a less straightforward job. Labour costs might go up a bit, but it’s definitely justified, as working on a roof with no/little rooftop accessories is much easier than a roof without any.


Can I save money by performing DIY roof repairs?

While DIY repairs may seem like a cost-effective option initially, improper installation or missed underlying issues could lead to further damage and increased costs down the line. Hiring a professional ensures quality workmanship and reduces potential long-term expenses.

Does insurance cover the cost of roof repairs?

In some cases, homeowners’ insurance policies cover roof repairs if the damage is due to unforeseen events like storms or accidents. However, coverage varies based on your policy terms, deductible, and cause of damage. Contact your insurance provider for specific details.

Are there any financing options available for roof repairs?

Many roofing companies offer financing options that allow homeowners to spread out payments over time rather than paying upfront. Check with your chosen contractor to see if they provide this service.

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