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History of Colorbond Roofing Steel

If we talk about the Australian construction industry, colorbond steel is one of the most used roofing steel materials. Its unique combination of durability and aesthetics makes it stand out among all other household names in construction.

Colorbond roofing steel is favorite among Australians for their new homes and renovations. Let’s dig into the history of Colorbond Roofing Steel to get to know about its journey.

History of Colorbond Roofing Steel

Back in 1843, a thin sheet of iron was corrugated, producing a lightweight and strong building material. After ten years, John Lysaght brought the corrugated iron to Australia, where people quickly adapted this steel and used it as a shelter from harsh conditions.

Colorbond roofing steel was stackable and lightweight which made it easy to transport from one place to another. There wasn’t even a need to have it painted, but some people did to enhance its looks.

It became a popular building material among Australians because it was affordable, durable, and easy to transport. However, the only problem that people faced was its maintenance. Colorbond roofing steel needed paintwork for maintaining its appearance.

First Colorbond Roofing Changes

So in the 1950s, a few things changed, and Pre Finish Metals and Chicago-based Lithostrip Corporation discovered a typical way to bond paint successfully to a galvanized base.

Lysaght then started the production of colorbond roofing steel and in 1966 the first coil of Colorbond roofing steel was rolled off.

Another revolutionary discovery was again made in 1976 when they discovered protective zinc coated for colorbond roofing steel. It could be a long-lasting, strong material that did not need to be painted.

Colorbond Roofing In Construction

After much effort and time, Colorbond became a well-rounded roofing material in the construction industry.

In the early days of production, only a few colors were available. But today, there are 22 colors from which people can choose according to their needs.

Colorbond Today

Reports have shown that almost half of the new homes built in Australia today have roofs of Colorbond steel. Moreover, other uses of colorbond steels are feature walls, water tanks, fencing, sheds, carports, and many other things.

Colorbond is still made today in Port Kembla, Wollongong. However, new paint lines have also been established in Acacia Ridge, Queensland, Western Port, Victoria, and Erskine Park, News South Wales, due to high demand.

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