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How Roof Restoration Companies in Melbourne Distinguish Between Roof Restoration and Replacement

A roof restoration and a renovation can be mistaken for one another or even thought of as the same process.

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Technically speaking, they’re different especially for a roof restoration company and it’s vital to determine which one is the correct diagnosis for your needs.

A restoration is simply bringing the roof back to its former glory or back to its original condition. With a roof renovation you are bringing the roof up to date and this is usually associated with making it look and feel more modern.

A roof replacement (or a re-roof), as the name suggests, is the process of replacing the old roof with a new one. Out with the old and in with the new. A slightly more straightforward process than a restoration or a renovation.

Roof Restoration

This is usually the cheapest of the three options as it doesn’t involve huge costs in the materials side of things. After a thorough roof inspection is carried out, the problematic areas are determined and a plan of action is brought to the table.

If the roof is a candidate for a restoration instead of a renovation or replacement, resurfacing is usually carried out to increase its longevity. The roof needs to be in good condition and have only minor issues – no huge leaks or cracks. 

A roof which is a candidate for a restoration is usually an older roof or one that has had its fair share of wear and tear. From a roof plumbers point of view, it’s also a job which can be carried out in a shorter period of time and without being too much trouble to the occupants or its neighbours!

Roof Renovation

A renovation will be the choice of action for more reasons than a roof restoration. Aside from the obvious reason of improving/upgrading the roofing material/structure, there are also some reasons which both the customer and roof company will want to go with a renovation.

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Conversion/Development Of Property

A renovation is most definitely needed when a property undergoes an extension or conversion, especially when there wasn’t any form of a roof there in the first place.


Technically, if the house is getting a remodel or renovation, the roof should follow suit too. In some cases it’s possible for a house to undergo a renovation and have the roof restored instead of renovated. It’ll always be a case to case basis with the roof inspection proving to be pivotal.


A combination of age and weather is what a lot of people cite as their reasons to renovate their roofs. For some, a restoration or straight replacement simply won’t cut it. With better quality alternatives on the market such as Colorbond metal roofs and Boral Roofing (Lutum Roofing), upgrading and renovating a roof makes more sense than a restore.

Energy/Thermal Upgrade

For some it’s not about the poor condition of the roof but more about offering better advantages than their current roof. Take Colorbond roofs for example, which are thermally efficient roofing materials – letting in less heat into the property while cooling down faster at night, making it a more energy efficient alternative.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the roof inspection. Be prepared to hear different outcomes from different roof restoration companies and ensure that companies are compliant with Victorian standards and are licensed.

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What is the difference between roof restoration and roof replacement?

Roof restoration involves repairing and improving an existing roof to extend its lifespan, while roof replacement involves completely replacing the old roof with a new one.

When should I consider roof restoration instead of roof replacement?

If your roof is structurally sound but has minor damage or signs of wear and tear, such as leaks or discoloured tiles, roof restoration can be a cost-effective solution compared to a full replacement.

How do Melbourne roof restoration companies assess whether my roof needs restoration or replacement?

Professional roofing companies in Melbourne conduct thorough inspections to evaluate the overall condition of your roof, including its age, materials, extent of damage, and potential for future problems.

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