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Replace A Roof – 5 Popular Questions Answered – (Updated 2024)

Being one of the most dangerous and hard to reach areas of your home, replacing a roof is definitely a job for the roofing professionals.

If you’re looking to replace a roof, you will most likely have a few questions to ask before diving right into it. 

When To Replace A Roof?

You should replace a roof when it’s showing signs of wear and tear, had a couple of repair jobs but still giving you problems, if it’s the existing roof which is on an older property or more obviously when there are leaks and water ingress.

The most common is when customers have told us that they’ve had repeat (repair) jobs on their roof but haven’t gone all the way to replace or restore the roof.

A roof restoration is the cheaper option but has limitations in comparison to a roof replacement when you can fully kit it out with a totally different material such as Colorbond Metal or Lutum Tiles.

Weather also plays a big part when deciding to replace a roof – all it takes is one storm to batter any roof or when it gets a bit warm outside your roof is the first line of defence against the sun and its UV rays.

Replacing a roof is definitely an investment for the property and those inside it.

How To Replace A Roof?

Replacing a roof isn’t rocket science. But actually carrying out the task is definitely not a job for you and a couple of mates.

First you have to check the compliance obligations regarding roof standards on your property.

Once this is clear, you need to focus on the existing roof and assuming that there isn’t any major damage, the old roof can be removed in a couple of days – ridges and barges included.

Again given the case to case basis, some battens are good enough to remain whilst some need to have new battens installed. This differs when installing metal roofing.

There are certain regulations to battens and it’s essential they are followed before moving on.

Other parts of the process involves but not limited to, the insulation, sheeting, capping and guttering – all of which have their own process for completion.

How Much To Replace Tiled Roof With Colorbond?

Every quote is a case to case basis. With so many variables and different factors to take into account, there’s simply no one answer for it.

Is it a simple out and in Skillion roof replacement? Does it have an inverted ‘V’ (gable roof)? What roof does it have currently?

Whatever the scenario, the first step to finding out how much a colorbond roof replacement will cost is to get an inspection.

But we’re sure you’d love to see some figures – ballpark figures that is – so, generally speaking, replacing a roof with Colorbond can be anywhere between $15,000 to $60,000.

Factored into the price and something that often isn’t considered on the customers side are the safety requirements (fall protection). Here at Harley and Sons Roofing, we certainly don’t compromise on any safety aspects and we take into account the various heights of each property and incorporate that into every quote.

Take the figures with a pinch of salt and at the end of the day what’s a few grand when looking to protect your greatest asset and those inside it.

How To Replace Roof Flashing?

Roof flashings are a primary cause for roof leaks which potentially leads to roof replacement (or re-roof).

Flashings deteriorate due to age or simply due to poor installation. When doing a roof replacement, it’s essential the flashings are installed properly – all it takes is a small hole to cause damage to your roof.

Ensure the workspace is clear and assess that if the flashing comes into direct contact with a metal roof (for example), there will be a potential for corrosion – steps to ensure this doesn’t occur must be taken.

Securing the flashings with nails or staples is one of the most important steps of the process as well as sealing gaps with the appropriate material.

How To Replace Terracotta Roof Tiles?

Replacing Australia’s most popular roofing material can be time consuming for the whole roof.

Terracotta’s smooth surface allows for water to beat away at the concrete which is used to bond the tiles to the roof.

Cracking open the cement tying the terracotta roof ties down is not an easy job especially at volume. Even more so when there’s only a handful of damaged tiles which needs removing, it’s always a risk of damaging neighbouring tiles.

A roof with too many damaged tiles, in different spots, can be a candidate for a full roof replacement.

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