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Gutter Replacement Cost 101

The last thing you want to be doing is throwing money down the drain and with so many gutter replacement roofers or roofing companies out there, consumers should educate themselves with some knowledge before getting someone to do it or even DIY.

What types of gutters are there

When we talk about the ‘types’ of gutters, we simply mean what materials are they made from. They all serve the same purpose and just like tiled roofs and metal roofs, they each have their own advantages over the other with price playing a big factor to having more advantages than the others for gutter replacements.

Starting off with the priciest of gutters, it’s safe to say Stainless Steel gutters would be the priciest of the bunch but at the same time being the most durable. Followed closely by Zincalume (colour coated or non-colour coated) with Vinyl (PVC) being the cheapest out of the three.

What are the differences between all three? To sum it up into one paragraph, Stainless Steel is far more durable than the others. Even though Zincalume is also technically Steel, its the ‘Stainless’ characteristic which gives it the edge over Zincalume overall.

Elaboration on the basic gutter replacement cost-factors

There really isn’t a set price for replacing gutters and it’ll always nearly boil down common factors: length of guttering required, accessibility, materials used, complexity, other necessary parts and labor.

Put all them together and you get your quotation for a gutter replacement.

To elaborate on some of the points; if you’re able to source the necessary materials yourself, then it’ll mostly be the labor you’ll be paying for. Bare in mind that some roofers may have a minimum call out charge so if the work required is less than the minimum charge, you would have to pay the minimum charge vs. the hours quoted.

For most roofing companies though, you’ll be given an all-in-one quotation for the whole job.

Accessibility is also a major factor contributing to the gutter replacement cost as no roofer wants to work on a high-risk zone based on a flat hourly rate. Generally, the harder it is to perform the replacement, the more it’ll cost. This isn’t fully down to the roofers discretion and more so do do with laying down safety barriers etc. which will bump up the price.

Location – not a huge factor here but it does count. Some roofers/roofing companies tend to favour locations which are close to their ‘base’ so you can expect a slightly higher quote from some companies who will take on a job further out from their locality.

Roofers/roofing companies will also note down the state of the current gutters and it’s immediate surroundings. The ideal situation would be a simple remove and plug & play job vs. a job with a rusting, decaying metal roof or damaged tiled roof with old and damaged surrounding building work. We expect that homeowners should be aware of this and should see quotes which reflect this. Roofers/roofing companies will always play on the side of caution when carrying out roof replacements on properties which needs work done to it first.

Leaf (gutter) Guards, fascia covers, downpipes, extensions etc. would all be factored into the cost should you decide to include them in the gutter replacement. It’s not everyday a property sees a full gutter replacement so might as well get the full works done and have it included in your gutter replacement quote.

DIY or Professionals?

Of course, we would be biased, but we’ll list down the things you would need (not limited to) should you choose to tackle the gutter replacement yourself.

Time, best if you pick a day where rain isn’t forecasted, downpipes including the right elbows, a ladder or ladders, ideally a cordless drill, belt to keep all the little bits in, stop ends so water doesn’t spill out of the ends, stringline, tin snips for aluminum gutters screws, zoned-off area to work in and letting the neighbours know (if applicable!) Not all will apply and there’s some points which aren’t listed but if it’s worth the cost-savings then go and have a crack at it.

If you feel, you’d rather let the professionals do it then, do your research to see which of the best roofing companies can carry out the gutter replacement, matching your criteria and get them in for a free no obligation quote.



What factors influence the cost of gutter replacement?

Several factors can impact the cost of gutter replacement, including the length of gutters needed, the number of downspouts required, the type of material chosen (aluminium, vinyl, copper), and any additional features like gutter guards or leaf screens.

Are there different types of gutters available at different price points?

Yes, there are various types of gutters available at different price points. Aluminium gutters tend to be more affordable than copper gutters due to differences in material costs. Vinyl gutters can also offer a budget-friendly option without compromising durability.

Do I need to replace all my gutters or just some sections?

It depends on the condition and age of your existing gutters. If only a few sections are damaged or leaking, you may be able to get away with replacing those specific sections rather than doing a complete replacement. An inspection by a professional can help determine which approach is best for your situation.

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