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6 Benefits Of A Roof Restoration

The roof is the one piece of the house that gives the most security. It shields you from the rain and the harshness of the outside world. In the event that your roof has started to weaken, you should resolve the issue right away. If simple or reoccurring repairs don’t cut it, then a roof restoration is the way to go.

What is a roof restoration?

A Roof Restoration is a process that protects your home from wind, rain, snow, and warmth by bringing it back to its former glory or in a much better state than it was previously.

Rather than repairing a tiny section of the roof, a roof Restoration looks at the roof in general and redesigns everything. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly substitution for roof replacement.

Most importantly, a roof Restoration will include a roof inspection and a thorough cleaning. Then, at that point, the real work can start: edge covering (ridge capping) and applying defensive coatings that protect your roof clean and safe. This entire interaction will give your roof long stretches of extra life.

The 6 Important Benefits Of A Roof Restoration

Your roof is quite possibly the most important part of your home’s exterior. It keeps you warm and dry during a terrible climate and ensures that pests like rodents and birds don’t attack your home.

Additionally, a well-maintained roof assists with keeping your family’s energy where it ought to be—inside your home. That is the reason it’s important to ensure your roof remains in great condition.

Your Home’s Value Will Go Up

Restoring your roof expands its aesthetic appeal. A new roof will add to buyer’s appeal because they can have the peace of mind that they don’t need to spend anything on it for repairs or even maintenance, especially if it’s still under warranty.

They say that nearly half of people who view properties will make a judgement in the first couple of minutes, and one of the first things they will see is your roof and gutters.

Your Roof Will Last Longer

A roof restoration will prolong the existence of your roof and negate the requirement for costly fixes or even a full substitution later on.

For example, an experienced roofing contractor will review your roof before work starts to find what needs to be fixed.

This takes into account cracked or broken tiles or unsecured metal sheets, the two of which are vital in stopping external debris from coming in. These external debris attracts mould and lichen, which will eventually corrode your roof.

Protects Against Pests

We do have our fair share of pets that love to get into our homes via the roof – take the recent mouse invasion, for example – all it takes is for a loose sheet or broken tiles to be discovered by these pests and they will flock inside your home in their hundreds or even thousands and cause damage before you even know about it.

Greater Storm Protection

The number one reason for roof restoration callouts is due to our Melbourne storms, which often leave homeowners figuring out what to do AFTER one hits as opposed to figuring out what to do BEFORE the next storm hits.

Either way works fine for us – however, we want to educate people to get their roofs restored way before the next storm comes. Otherwise, you could be looking at a much bigger roofing bill to fix your roof or even a full roof replacement.

Keeps You Warmer During The Winter

The smallest holes in your roofing system can cause the biggest damage – this can be the reason as to why you’re shivering a bit more during the winter months despite the heating already being up.

Remember, warm air always rises so if you’ve got cracks in your roof, you’re effectively wasting money.

You might not know there are problems with your roof so it’s best to get in touch with us for a completely free roof inspection.

Cheaper Remedy To A Full Roof Replacement

Yes, a roof restoration is the one roofing process you carry out before you get to stage where you require a roof replacement.

Before you get sold on a roof replacement, it’s best to see whether your roof just needs to be restored (unless, you want to go from tiled roofing to Colorbond metal roofing).

If a roof restoration can cost anywhere from a ‘single-digit, thousands’ figure, a roof replacement will certainly take that figure into ‘two-digits’ and arguably take more time to do as well.


Can a roof restoration save me money compared to a full replacement?

Yes! Roof restorations are generally more cost-effective than complete replacements as they address specific issues without the need for extensive reconstruction or replacement of the entire roofing structure.

How often should I consider getting my roof restored?

It is recommended to have your roof inspected regularly by professionals who can assess its condition and advise you on when a restoration might be necessary. Typically, roofs require restoration every 10-15 years, depending on various factors like climate conditions and maintenance.

Does a roof restoration come with any warranty?

Most reputable roofing companies offer warranties for their workmanship and materials used during the restoration process. It’s important to discuss warranty details with your chosen contractor before proceeding.

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